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Monday, April 13, 2009

4 new kittens

Moma kitty had 4 new kittens. They are having to stay in the large cage with their mom right now, so Prissy won't eat them. She thinks they are toys. One is soooo cute, it is mostly black with a little bit of white on it's breast bone...but what makes her/him unique is that it has a solid black face and above the top lip there is white hair shaped exactly like a bow tie!!! So funny!!! Mom is going to try to get some pictures of all of them to put on here before the weekend. We will be giving them away, though...Mom says there are already too many of us. We just have to wait until they are weined from their mom. We will miss them, but they will go to good homes I am sure.

1 comment:

Mason Dixie said...

Can not wait to see the pictures of the little kittens. I too would think they are toys, smart move keeping them in a cage. he he.=)

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