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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cat Protectors...ssshhhhh

Okay, though we would never admit it to anyone...we are sort of fond of our cats. Prissy and I had a stray cat get in our yard the other day and it was our duty to protect our cats. We chased that cat all over the yard and cornered it by the fence! We were just about to grab it when mom whistled for us to stop barking. When we turned around, the cat took off. So, we decided to ignore mom, and chased it up the tree. Bet that darn cat won't show up in our yard again! How dare that is our job to chase our cats!Too bad we couldn't climb trees like that other border collie in the video...or that cat would have been in big trouble!Remember...

Hope everyone is having a great day! Chat with you later!


Mason Dixie said...

Way to protect your own!!

Southbay Girl said...

I like my kitties too!! Even though Blossom bats at me-we have a love/love/hate's nice to know that other doggies are fond of their kitties!!



Dughallmor Beagles said... much has happened have kittens? They're so cute and precious...are you going to keep them all?
Anyway, we're on major catch-up and we came to say hi and sorry it's been ages!
Slobbers xx

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