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Friday, June 12, 2009

Time Fly's with us...

Hi, everyone! Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since we have posted anything. Mom has been real busy with her job and trying to keep all of the kittens together. Their mom disappeared about a week after they were born, so mom had to bottle feed them for a while. We lost the little one with the white bowtie mustache. She or he refused to eat anything or drink anything after her/his mom left. We miss them, they were so cute!!! The other kittens are real active now...still a little small, but getting large enough where mom can try and find new families for them all. Prissy's dad may take some of them with him to the farm in a few weeks.

We have been pretty much staying inside the last few days. It poured here the other night and it is still muddy. Prissy and I do not like getting mud on us....guess we are a little Anyway, it is supposed to be a nice hot weekend, so we should be able to get out there then!

I will try to catch up reading everyone's blogs soon. Have a great day!!!

1 comment:

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey buddies....we missed you! Good to hear from you again.
Aww, little cute (but don't tell Khyra we said that!) Shame you lost one though...and the mom :o(
Looking forward to catching up with you!
Slobbers xx

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