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Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend!

Hi, everyone! Wow, it has been a hot weekend here! 101 degrees several days. Prissy, the gang, and I have been inside most of the weekend. The humidity is too much even for us pets!

Mom stayed home this weekend, too. The a/c in the truck went out, so until she gets that fixed... I know she will not be taking me on any drives around town. I hate not being able to go for rides, but I will definitely wait! What can I say...I am spoiled to a/c just like she is! (That is why mom installed a misting system out back several years help keep me cool when we are outside. Hey, it was either that, or to shear my beautiful hair, and I was having none of that! Even though I teased her about it in another writing.)

Mom is going to be working evenings soon, so we will be able to enjoy the days together playing. It is cooler in the mornings, so I don't mind being outside then. Speaking of to run for now. Play time!!! Have a great day everyone!

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