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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot tomales!!! (I know...tamales!)

Not the is hot as hot tamales here in Texas!!! Prissy and I (and the kittens) are all staying inside the past few days to stay cool. It is a little more boring than being outside, but at least it is not burning up. We have been reaching a heat index over 100 this week and it is only June. I hope that is not what it will be like later this summer, but around here it will probably get hotter. Wonder how I would look with no hair??? Just thinking cool thoughts...don't think my mom would let me do that, though...just an idea.

We haven't chased any wild cats up the tree lately. So, guess they are lucky it is hot, huh? Except that our cats and us are cool and they have to fend for themselves. (That is if the animal catcher doesn't get them first.) I don't know if they belong to someone, but if they do...they need to take them to their house and keep them away from our cats! I wouldn't tell anyone, but our kittens are kind of growing on me now. They even come up and rub noses with me. I don' t particularly like that, but I just growl a little bit and they eventually go on and play somewhere else. However, if they are not where I can see them...I still go looking for them. Have to make sure they are safe...guess it is my herding nature.

Mom is getting ready to cook, so guess I had better go supervise that. She may give me a sample if I am good. Have a great evening everyone!

PS: This is a picture of one of those wild cats sitting on my truck! How dare they!

1 comment:

Mason Dixie said...

eh I do not like the heat especially the humidity. stay in and stay cool .=)

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