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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waiting on the mail lady....

I don't know about you, but the highlight of my day is running and barking at the mail lady. I see her cross on the other side of the street first. I know within a few minutes she will be coming to my house. (My owners friend sometimes sends me treats in the mail, wonder if I will get one today??? I can't wait to see!) I will bark at that mail lady all the way around the corner every day. Sometimes she just looks at me and smiles. She is nice, but she is still a mail you know me...I have to bark to make sure she keeps going!Don't want them stopping on my turf for too long. Oh well, here she comes...I am trying to teach this new pup the tricks about barking at her. She is a slow learner, but she is getting the hang of it!Gotta to you later!

Good Morning!

Woof!!! I had a great night playing with my friends. This morning I went outside and the wind was blowing. Leaves to play in...oh boy!!!! I have to go eat breakfast but will check back in later!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are you hard to train...I am learning new things, so can you..

Dove Crosswell's Dog training

If this guy's tactics don't work, I don't know what to tell you. You are probably a self-willed dog! Ha. But, it is better to make your owner happy...leads to more treats and rides in the car!

I am still waiting on my owner to finish work, but just wanted to drop a line to all my pals out there. I am hoping that they will take me to see "Marley and I" at the drive-in. I am probably only daydreaming, though...I bark at everyone around and would get us thrown out!!! (That is the thing my owner and I am working on. I am very self-willed about barking at is my job!)

Well I got to run and go corral later. Be sure to check out Dave Crosswell. You will enjoy it and so will your owner!

Frisbee day! Woof!!

This is my favorite game! Here comes my owner now...let me run get my frisbee. It is a beautiful day today. Glad it is not dreary...we don't play then. I could play all day long!!! Of course, I do have to sit, give a paw, and roll over some, too. That is just part of the fun. Wee...there it goes in the air....I got it!!! Let me run it back now. Okay, that is worth a hug and a pat on my head! I even get treats sometimes.

That other darn dog is getting in my way. She is younger and iritating sometimes. She just doesn't understand that this is my game...she just wants to play tug of war, not catch the frisbee. Oh, well...I don't care, this is my fun time!!!

I am new at this blogging, so I will try to get my owner to post a picture of me soon(okay, and maybe the other dog, too..."Prissy"). I will get them to add some cool dog things on here soon. So check back often! Talk to you later! Woof! "Shamu"

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