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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frisbee day! Woof!!

This is my favorite game! Here comes my owner now...let me run get my frisbee. It is a beautiful day today. Glad it is not dreary...we don't play then. I could play all day long!!! Of course, I do have to sit, give a paw, and roll over some, too. That is just part of the fun. Wee...there it goes in the air....I got it!!! Let me run it back now. Okay, that is worth a hug and a pat on my head! I even get treats sometimes.

That other darn dog is getting in my way. She is younger and iritating sometimes. She just doesn't understand that this is my game...she just wants to play tug of war, not catch the frisbee. Oh, well...I don't care, this is my fun time!!!

I am new at this blogging, so I will try to get my owner to post a picture of me soon(okay, and maybe the other dog, too..."Prissy"). I will get them to add some cool dog things on here soon. So check back often! Talk to you later! Woof! "Shamu"

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