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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...woohoo

A Toot and a Snore in '74 album coverImage via Wikipedia

Today we finally got rain!!! Prissy and I will be inside today plotting against the cats. (Not really, we like them.) More likely, we will probably be snoozing most of the day away. Mom swears that we snore...I just don't believe it. She claims that she is going to tape record us one day and put it on the blog, just to prove it to us both that it is true! She says we snore louder than a man sometimes.

Mom also claims that those strange noises that happen sometimes are my fault. I will be laying there and all of a sudden I will hear this strange noise behind me...I jump to see what it is. Whenever mom stops laughing so hard, she claims that I am the one who made that noise! How dare she!I have dignity, I would not make strange noises!!! You know, there is always strange smell right after that noise, too...still haven't figured that out? But, I have made it my job to find that culprit and settle this once and for all!

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