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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love the mail lady today!

Oh boy, oh boy! The mail lady was nice to us today...even though I still barked at her arrival. She brought us a package from Prissy's dad with all kinds of goodies in it! Woof woof!!!!

We got a new leash...been needing another one since Prissy chewed through our old ones. Plus we got a chili flavored Slim Jim apiece! (kind of like a beef jerky) He also sent us some of our favorite chewing gum...spearmint flavored. Did I mention that we love gum? If not....we do!!! Now if mom will just keep those darn cats out of the way, so we can eat our Slim Jim's in peace, it will be a perfect day! Actually, we do share it with the don't feel too sorry for them.(But, we do not share our gum! They will have to use something else to get their minty fresh breath!)

It is a beautiful day today, so I am going to run play some frisbee. It is supposed to get colder again tomorrow and you know mom doesn't play frisbee if it gets too cold outside. Hope you all have a great evening!


Nibbles Treats said...

Alright! You've got mail! We love when we get goodies besides the stuff that says "Resident" or "Occupant". Enjoy!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker said...

Thanks! We already ate it up! smile!

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