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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pet friendly travel

Before your next road trip visit this site for places that happily accommodate your pets. I am part of the family in my house and I am happy to go places with my mom!I don't want to be left at home or at the kennel and I am sure your parents don't want to leave you home either. So send them here and enjoy your trip:



Walter said...

Wow, this site is perfect. How have I not found this before?

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oooh, we haven't had a holiday since Alfie arrived so we'll have to check this out, thanks!
Slobbers xx

Cathy the DoggyMom said...

Thanks for the link to this site. It'll be a great resource for all of us planning our vacations!

Janine said...

Hello: You can also try PAW;Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide offers a fantastic site filled with high quality hotels that are pet friendly. PAW also lists all of the pet-policies at each hotel and provides great resources on their Canine Concierge pages for pet-friendly things to do, eat, and play in each city!

Rob said...

Thanx for visitng. Hope the big boss wil correct. I love the snow, three feet deep and all but have only had minimal walks due to some eye problems of the boss. Waiting patiently for things to improve.

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