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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pizza party

Today is a special day for ordered pizza for everybody. You would have thought that she had set down a steak. We haven't had pizza in a long time and Prissy's dad paid for us to get pizza as a special treat. We all looked like the fish do when you throw food into the water for them to eat....we swarmed the box! Mom gave each of us a slice... okay Prissy and I got more than one slice...but the cats only got one. (Prissy and I are bigger, so we deserved more, in my opinion.) It was our favorite...hamburger and cheese. Mom didn't get all the veggies since we were going to eat some. I feel very lucky to have gotten pizza today, since I acted so nutty last night.

Did I mention that we got put in bed early last night? Well, we did a bad thing...according to mom...I think it is still debatable. Prissy is always trying to eat my, and everyone else's food, in the house before she eats her own. She got into a little of my food one too many times and I growled at her. She growled back at me, so we kind of tussled...til mom yelled at us to stop and get in our beds! She said that she wasn't going to tolerate that kind of behavior from us...whatever that meant??? I was just trying to let Prissy know I was tired of her stealing my I don't know what the big deal was. Anyway, we got put in bed early. We have been super good today and didn't fight at all over the pizza either! Plus we are giving mom kisses and hugs all day...cause we don't want to go to bed early tonight! Woof Woof


Mason Dixie said...

Pizza sounds yummy, I have only had crust from the pizza never the whole thing. You are very lucky. I too would growl if my food was being stolen. I do not blame you a bit for your behavior. =)

SGR said...

Woof! You guys had some pizzaaaa ... what a treat. Glad you guys were good to each other. Woof! Sugar

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