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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm weather fun!

Today is a great day! We now have 68 degrees! Well, at least for the weekend... I love this because I get to go outside and play frisbee today! Woof, woof!!! All day playing, I can't beat that!

The cats are even getting to where they come outside when we play. I love to show off in front of them. They don't know how to catch the frisbee. I still have to herd them back if they get a little too far away from the door, though. Prissy wouldn't like it if I lost her cat!

We are still having to take turns for now, since mom doesn't want any puppies. So, I will be glad when this is over and she can come back out with me and chase the neighbors dog down the fence!

Hope everyone is having a terrific day and we will catch up with you later!


Mason Dixie said...

Wish I had that kind of weather, it is 13' here and it was -2' this morning when mom went to work. Just too cold. =)

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh no! Your woman is in heat.....rampaging hormones? I feel for ya bud! Rosie is late for hers *rubs paws together* Bring. It. On!!
"She" wouldn't let me near her last time, but this time is gonna be different....this time I have a plan! Wish me luck :o)
Alfie xx

(Alfie's Mum: and I have a counter-plan, he's still not getting near her!)

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