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Monday, January 12, 2009

Dogs know things people don't...listen to them!

Good morning! Okay, for those of you who do not own a dog, this may sound a bit crazy. For those of you who do own already know this. (...or should)

Dogs know things about other people that their owners don't or cannot visibly see! My owner has learned to listen to me...I trained them well. When I bark at people, there are different ways I bark. There is the "I see you" bark...kind of non-threatening bark and tail wagging. Similar to a "hello" in human language. However, I have another bark that means, "danger"! Continuous growl, No tail is wagging and hair on my back is raised! This really means, I do not like this person, there is a very good reason for it, and get away from them quickly!!!

Now, I cannot speak listen to me when I bark. My owner has found out that when I give those types of danger barks, even if the person appears friendly, or is known by my owner, eventually she will find out some reason why I warned them. (whether it is a person on drugs, has aggression issues, or other things) Now she listens up front, you should, too! Don't mistake the facts, even if a person does not like dogs(we still like them), or is afraid of dogs(we still like people who are afraid of us), this does not affect the dogs knowledge. We are right matter what! Trust our instincts!Listen to your dog next time!


star said...

Hi friend.. Nice post.. Visit my blog and post your comments.. I have added you to my blog roll.. Hope you too will do the same.. Take care... Keep in touch mate!!!

Barry said...

I know my dogs language quite well, but no where near as well as she has learned English.

So who is the smarter of the two of us?

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