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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I really am a hotdog....jalapeno dog, that is!

I was thinking about the different foods that I like to eat and anything hot is on my list!Okay, I do have to eat dog food most of the time...but, sometimes I can get my owner to give me other things. My favorite is pizza!!! My owner ordered pizza when I was younger, and I kept trying to get at the box for a piece. Finally, they gave in and gave me a little piece. YUM!!! Well, the next time they ordered it, they were trying to deter me from eating it...this one had jalapenos on it. They thought that it would not set well with my tummy. They were wrong!!! My love of hot foods was born!

Now, I will eat anything hot(including tacos w/hotsauce). Pizza is still my favorite, but with the economy, I don't get that often. Another thing I really like, that my owner could not believe, is sour crout and weiners! I love the sour crout! Don't know if I am spelling that correctly???If not, forgive me...I AM a dog!

Of course, I am spoiled! However, I am not as spoiled as my owner's grandmother's dog was. She would get up every morning and cook them a real breakfast! Bacon, eggs, and biscuits! Now they had a great life!!! I have a great life, too...but I don't get real breakfasts every morning! Every once in a while I will get breakfasts like that, but not every day. Now, if I could just get my owner to do that everyday...wouldn't that be fantastic??!!!


Liudmila said...

My dog, Imir, ate everything he saw I eat. Fruits, vegetables, I don't sreak about pizza etc, walnuts. And he learned to open them because he had not patience to wait that I do it for him...

qt said...

Thans for visiting me ,your blog is great too,

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