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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Potato chip thief in the house...

You will not believe what happened today! My mom was eating a sandwich for lunch and had a can of Pringles potato chips sitting next to her plate on the coffee table. I know what you are probably thinking...but, it wasn't the dogs this time! We were was the cat who did it. Mom was also watching a movie, so I guess the cat knew she was distracted...they jumped up on the coffee table, stuck their head in the top of the can, grabbed a chip, and ran with it!(mom didn't even get to get a chip out of it yet! She was not happy...although the cat was thrilled!)Then a little bit later, the baby cat (Cutie pie)got in the trash(again) and got a pudding cup out and got it stuck on their head...funniest thing I ever saw! Even mom had to laugh at that!

As you can see, it isn't always the dogs who run away with the food! Better watch out for those cat burglars in your house!


Mason Dixie said...

Thank goodness we have no cats here to worry about. Although there is talk of getting one? Hope not, I would not like the competition. =)

Bhing said...

We don't have cat but then there are cats outside which likes to sneak in the house and steal some foods.. They sometimes piss me off!

sugar said...

Woof! Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribe as a follower. I am glad to be your new friend. Woof! Sugar

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