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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wild night...

Hello everyone. We had a wild night here last night. There was someone in the neighborhood that started shooting off firecrackers around 2am. Of course, Prissy and I started barking at the tops of our lungs to alert mom and jumped smack in the middle of her. She loves us and understood; however, she was not impressed with both of us landing right on her!(...that is a lot of weight to handle when you aren't expecting it, I guess?) Needless to say, we were up more than half the this went on for quite a while.Crazy thing is, we live in a decent older neighborhood, three blocks from the police station. It always amazes me how they have the rules of "no fireworks in the city limits", yet they can never seem to hear or catch them!Don't get me wrong, I really do love to watch fireworks and so does my mom, but all these homes are wood framed...not a great mix!

I really am not a wimp, but years ago one of the neighbors had some friends over and apparently they got into a fight or something. One of the neighbors "friends" (I wouldn't call them that)shot one of my neighbors in the arm. Mom was inside and thought they were shooting towards me...I was outside when it happened.Plus, she thought she heard the bullet hit the side of our house!(We never found the bullet...thank goodness for old homes with petrified wood!) I broke through the windows of the back door trying to get inside to my mom. (..there was a french door on the back door) Scared the daylights out of us both.Anyway, ever since that happened, loud noises that make a bang sound sort of scare me.

So, it will probably be a long day for my mom. Prissy and I will surely be snoozing away part of the day to catch up on our rest.Talk to all of you later!

1 comment:

Mason Dixie said...

I do not like firecrackers either. someone might get hurt, and I can not help because I am hiding in the bathroom. BOL =)

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