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Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog's selective hearing

My mom says I have selective hearing. It always amazes her how I can pretend that I do not hear her when it is time to come in from playing; however, let her open a bag of anything that has food in it and I come running!!! I can be half asleep, doesn't matter...when I hear those bags opening, I am hot to trot. Just like I am ALWAYS ready to go when she says, "want to go bye-bye?". I am at the door in an instant!

In all fairness,I am not the only one with selective hearing. Prissy and the cats have the same problem! I think the cats are worse though, they come running if she opens anything with the can opener. I am not quite that bad!I do have a little constraint!We all feel we are entitled to eat whatever mom has! Doesn't always work out that way, but not for lack of trying on our part!(We even congregate in the doorway of the kitchen when she cooks, looking pathetic, and even giving the "poor woe is me" eyes!)

Seriously, anyone who owns a border collie/Australian shepherd knows that our hearing is outstanding. Most of the time, I hear everything going on, even mom calling me to come in...but just like children, I push the envelope until I hear that certain tone! Kind of like when you were young and your mom used your full knew you had better hightail it in quick!

So,today's lesson is: Be selective with your selective hearing!Sometimes it is for your own good to listen to your mom!


Mason Dixie said...

I think I have that selective hearing thing too. I will stay out til she drags me in, he he. but oh the potato chips. nom nom nom.

Hunde Haus said... 3 also have that dang selective hearing down to an art. But boy oh boy, they can be outside in the yard romping around,and they can hear me open the closet door where there collars are kept!


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