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Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of a terrific day

This has been a great day! Nice weather, a little bit warmer too. I even coaxed my owner outside to play longer today. Prissy kept getting in the way, but I still was able to play frisbee. We even practiced our sit, stay, etc. I know I am supposed to obey...but sometimes I forget and do my own thing. Big brown eyes are hard to resist on a cute dog like me! A few kisses and hugs help me get my way, too. (I think my owner is onto me about that though. Doesn't always work anymore. Ha!) But I am constantly finding ways to improve!

It is time to eat...I never miss that! Then we are going to watch some tv and enjoy our evening. Hope you had a great day, too. Happy New Year and we will talk again tomorrow! Woof!!!

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